Sunday, September 24, 2006

Let's get something straight right now. There is only one bad credit mortgage loan and that is far different from a good credit mortgage loan. Clearly, the difference is in the fact that a good credit mortgage loan is absent bad credit. that is not to say that bad credit is a problem. Far be it for me to suggest that bad credit is a problem. This may sound a little weird to hear that bad credit isn't an issue, but take for example the availability of free credit repair.

Free credit repair is available for some and not all. Why? The answer is simple. there are some that know of the place to go to obtain free credit repair and there are others that do not. For those that do not know of free credit repair, they are left to continue life with their bad credit, or of course they can pay for credit repair on their own. This seems to be the selection that is available today for those with bad credit.

there are of course other options for those with bad credit. those options include credit repair free and the following:

credit repair

free credit repair

bad credit mortgage

mortgage with bad credit


credit dispute letter

These above solutions are only a partial list of the options that are available for someone that is interested ina credit card consolidation loan with bad credit. This is not to be confused with a bad credit mortgage loan which can usually be accomplished for someone thas bad credit but does not have extreme bad credit. The most positive aspect of a bad credit mortgage loan is the fact that once the bad credit mortgage loan is closed, the bad credit is paid off and a higher FICO score results. This can of course be accomplished with a free credit repair seminar.

FICO score is a function of the bad credit as well as the good credit. This is tied to the fact that someone mayh or may not have credit card debt. If you have credit card debt then you can have bad credit and you may choose to consolidate that bad credit into a bad credit mortgage loan. Now this is going to inevitably result in a higher FICO score and this is the most intriguing conclusion to a free credit repair seminar. The free credit repair semianr may be contrasted to a credit repair class where someone would actually have to pay for credit repair.

Just to recap, there is bad credit, bad credit mortgage loan, free credit repair, credit repair free, and FICO. All of these subjects are not mutually exclusive as some homeowners and other owners of real estate might suggest. Rather, the free credit repair and bad credit mortgage loan are tied together in a financial transaction that results in a mortgage and subsequent higher FICO score. My hope of course is that this would lead to a good credit mortgage loan and then another mortgage down the road with a lower payment (PITI) which stands for principal, interest, taxes and insurance.


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That's real cute. I've spent ten minutes reading your silly post about credit repair this and credit repair that and I STILL DON"T KNOW WHERE TO FIND THE FREE CREDIT REPAIR SEMINAR

Please let me know where I can find one that is free please.

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