Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Driving past the title comnpany in my FHA mobile, I found that a subordination agreeemnt was laying in the passengers seat. I immediately realized that it was for an FHA refinance and I rushed it to teh second mortgage closing at the title company.

When I arrived at the title company, extremely loud applause broke out and I was a little shocked. I then handed the fha subordination agreeement to the direct endoresement udnerwriter who gave me an adjustable rate mortgage drink and I sat down and had a sip.

I spit out the adjustable rate mortgage drink becuase the APR was way too high and the TIL was out of compliance. She was upset at me for making such a mess of the FHA subordination agreement and asked me to leave. Rather than making a scene, I quitely left.

Little did they know, the FHA subordination agreement was for another fha loan closing across town. Hopefully, the APR and adjustable rate mortgages won't be so haphazardly send to people when they should be getting a lower fixed rate through FHA.

Later I felt bad about the subordination agreement and turned around and brought it back to the FHA mortgage loan closing. Once again, the applcause was loud and then the FHA closing took place and all is well with HUD and FHA and their CLTV requirements now.



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