Monday, September 25, 2006

I am utterly flabbergasted that I just found this information on a mortgage blog. I mean a mortgage blog? Yes, a mortgage blog of all places. You see this is the financial credit card information that one would expect to find on a blog about mortgages. Allow me to explain.

There are fundamentally three types of blogs in the "blog-o-phere" of mortgages:

Mortgage Blog

Blog About Mortgages

Blog Mortgage

I will deal with each one individually. First, let's consider the case of a mortgage blog. The typical mortgage blog might deal with subjects similar to a debt consolidation loan, credit card debt, high interest rates, low ineterest rates, and the recission period. These items may or may not be mutually exclusive; however, they are indeed all financial in nature and that is what a mortgage blog should be all about.

Next, I'd like to take on the financially savy "Blog About Mortgages". This is alittle more of a hairy subject than the first. The "Blog About Mortgages" is unusual in that it is exclusively, a blog about mortgages. There are in fact, many types of mortgages and each one can vary based on the following: mortgage loan amount, interest rate, loan size, property type, appraiser, title insurance, escrow, and of course, mortgage loate payments. When combining all of these ingredients into a pot then the result is a stew that smells like a "Blog About Mortgages".

Finally, let's discuss a "Blog Mortgage". A "Blog Mortgage" is totally diffrenet than the "mortgage blog" in that a "mortgage blog" is a blog about mortgages. A "blog mortgage" on the other hand, is a blog about mortgages but the blog aspect of the "blog mortgage" comes first. Again, the untrained eye might not see any difference between a "blog mortgage" and a "mortgage blog" but that is to say that there is no difference between a mortgage and a blog. This in itself is absurd but I will continue with this just until the recission period ends. I am hopeful of course that some may find the humor in such a finanical credit card type transaction and then when considering real estate mortgage loans that the same would hold true.

To end this blog post is truely sad for me as I know how much fun it was typing this mortgage blog financial information. Once again, when considering a mortgage blog, consider it carefully. That is to say that one mortgage blog, blog on mortgages, or blog mortgage might sound similar, yet, as the reader I'm sure will agree, are quite different.


Blogger Housing Boom Gone Bust said...

Listen whoever you are..I've been following your blog several days now and I am convinced that you can't write worth a darn. Let me tell you that when you say mortgage blog this and mortgage blog that and then I am fed up with your mortgage blog antics. At least do the reader the coutesy of directing them to the location of this ficticuos mortgage blog. Or is it perhaps that you simply like to write mortgage blog
mortgage blog all day?

1:26 PM  

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