Thursday, May 15, 2008

This fha score is below the mark for fha loan approval.. The file got kicked tro another fha mortgage company.

The fha mortgage underwriter denied the loan for a low credit score. The file got kicked again to another fha lender (for low credit scores).

Then the file was kicked a third time for low fico and fha loans.

The borrower (with the low fico and desiring an fha loan) said "what is this? a game of kick the can?!"

"I'm an fha borrower with a low credit score so stop kicking me!" the borrower continued steadfast in his fha credit score tone of voice.

The room fell silent for 10 seconds. You could hear a pin drop.

Then laughter erupted and applause and the lights turned on and the fha underwriter came out like Monty Hall in the games show FHA Credit Score Time and he said to the fha borrower (the one with the low credit score), "If you have a comb in your pocket then I'll give you an fha loan with your low credit score".

Well the short versiuon of the story is that he didn't have a comb in his pocket, but he did have -yes, you guessed it - a low credit score and no fha loan.

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