Sunday, February 24, 2008

There are some politcial real estate investments being discussed today on Larry Linkler's blog. One comment about mortgage brokers and John Mccain and another about short sales in Florida and Hillary Clinton. I have no comment about crazy short sale Larry.

Listen to the foreclosures in Florida that had a lease purchase agreement.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

We've got a rental and foreclosure dispute going on and I need to be the voice of reason here. The problem is that this guy does not want to pay his rent and this guy is going to be foreclosed as a result. Who do you think we can ask to solve this problem?

I got it!

Larry Linkler can solve the rental and foreclosure problem. Let's ask Larry Linkler.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Looking at the short sale story that Larry explained to me leaves a few questions about real estate for sale by owner in florida. The main short sale deal is the fact that the foreclosure real estate is in preforeclosure prior to teh foreclosure happens. You will short sale your home prior to teh florida foreclosure.

There are many forbearance plans in the bankruptcy loan modification for florida real estate. try a loan modification before a forbearance plan is able to stop the foreclosure. Many people have foreclosure stopped through seeking an attorney including Keven Federline and there are many attorneys in florida real estate.

Look at the real estate for sale on short sale display in the realty places on teh web. the loss mitigation is interesting to some and not as interesting to other preforeclosure credit reapir type of people.

More interesting foeclosre information will follow in the bankrupt preforeclosure florida short sale marathon.

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