Sunday, August 10, 2008

Relocations for FHA from the FHA 4155.1. If the FHA borrower is relocating from Florida or any other place in teh USA and re-establishing residency in another area not within reasonable commuting distance from the current principal residence, the borrower may obtain another mortgage using FHA insured financing and is not required to sell the existing property covered by a FHA-insured mortgage. Thi sis outlined in the FHA 4155.1 please review the FHA handbook for more detailed information.

The relocation need not be employer mandated to qualify for this exception. Further, if the borrower returns to an area where he or she owns a property with an FHA-insured mortgage, it is not required that the borrower re-establish primary residency in that property in order to be eligible for another FHA insured mortgage. The FHA manual is also called the 4155.1 or the FHA rule book.

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