Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Housing Boom Gone Bust not gonna keep quit about the credit scoring and FHA MIP pricing that is changing the cost of all FHA loans for everybody. Look at the LTV chart for FHA MIP credit score and FICO adjustments.

You can pay more for the FHA MIP Riosk adjustment for credit scores on an FHA loan becuase the MIP is is higher and your FICO is lower. Is that fair?

Let me ask another way. You can pay less for FHA MIP and risk based pricing based on FICO FHA MIP cost. Is that fair? Is it fair if FHA isn't solvent as a result of lower Mhttp://www.brokencredit.com/?cat=41IP FHA costs based on credit score?

You can't have itboth ways folks, wither you think FHA MIP FICO cost is fair or it isn't. Me, myself, I think it stinks. I'll be writing more about FHA MIP FICO changes later.

Until then, read MIP risk and FICO with credit score different costs.

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