Sunday, August 03, 2008

You may try to see the deficiency judgment in Florida and then you can find the florida mortgage that they were seeking to foreclose judicially and that is the key. The key is the judicial foreclosure. Please, please, please respond top the complaint or you will have a default judgment enetered against you. The default judgment means you lost and that is not the outcome you are seeking for your FHA mortgage in Florida. Trust me on this one.

Now, moving forward, I ask again: Is your mortgage loan a recourse or a non-recourse loan? The difference is a large matter when it comes to the plaintif lender seeking to obtain a deficiecny judgmnt against you. In florida it will be a recourse loan and they may obtain a deficiency judgment against the hoemowner.

Seek some information on the florida deficiency judgments before the case goes to court. I am not an attorney, I am simply someone who is typing deficiency judgment and florida foreclosure many, many times becomes I suffer from ADD. And finally, where was I, oh yeah, deficiecny judgments in florida are not something that you want.

Deficiency judgment some times is spelled wrong as a judge has an e and judgement does not have an e. Thanks for listening and please leave a comment for the deficiency judgment post whether or not you are in florida with an FHA loan does not matter. Thanks!

And don't forget to check if you have a non-recourse mortgage loan in foreclosure!

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