Thursday, September 25, 2008

Final thoughts on the FHA short refinance loans are waxing thin. This is a means of lowering the payoff to an FHA short amount. Your experience with the FHA short refinance may be different and depend on the FHA lender that offers the refinance loan.

FHA Short can be tall and get a short refi through FHA as far as I know.

Here is a list of the FHA Short Refinance articles to date:

There are many more articles for the FHA short refinance and some are helpful and some are not. Be careful about what you read on the internet and if it looks like a bunch of nonsense just to gain search engine rank then it probably is. FHA short refinances are increasing.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Let's talk about mortgage domain names and mortgage websites for loans and lenders. The mortgage broker has a distinct advantage in the blogosphere with regards to a mortgage website and domain name. Look at these mortgage websites and get back to me on that subject.

Your mortgage domain name for sale may not be one of the mortgage websites listed above. Real estate lending has to do with loans and so do the domain names listed above. Your first name and a mortgage domain name is easily remembered by you. If you forget your domain names then you can look at your drivers license and then recall yoru first name and add loans to the end with a dot com. This is what a mortgage website with your name formed into a mortgage domain name is all about.
Mortgage Domains are fun and so are mortgage websites with your name.