Thursday, September 28, 2006

Crazy, crazy, crazy Real Estate deals! We've got real estate deals on wheels! We've got real estate deals for steals! I'm telling you that we have that these real estate deals are for real!

Comments like the above might sound like a circus performance, but that is what you can expect in today's not-so-robust real estate marketplace. Builders inventory is stacking up and there are over 4 million homes for sale. Real estate prices will soon be falling and this is going to be hardest felt for many people on their credit reports. Foreclosures, Bankruptcy and missed mortgage payments will become par for the course in the next couple of years.

Let's look at credit reports for a moment. How can one improve a credit report? That's a great question. If you think about how to imporve a credit report then it will just be trial an error. Another, and better, way of improving your credit report is by learning from others that have experience with credit reports. This can be done with a credit repair seminar or even through readining information about free credit repair on a mortgage blog. Where, you ask, is a mortgage blog that can teach you about free credit repair? I have found one that can help with charge-offs, bankruptcy, mortgage late payments, foreclosure, FICO, credit scoring, down payment, real estate, housing and mortgage advice. That is a rare thing in a real estate market like today.

I'll have to leave you in suspense for alittle while longer until this housing market cools down alittle bit so that the mortgage rates can help with down payment assistance. Here is the lowdown on the credit card debt that can be refinanced. And until the crdit score is higher than a FICO, Fair Isaac won't be going to Vantagescore any time soon.


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