Saturday, September 30, 2006

OK, are we on abad credit mortgage roll now or what? The good news about a mortgage refinance for someone with bad credit is that the bad credit can be fixed through the refinance. This is accomplished through a rapid rescore and also through refinancing the bad credit debt to fix the bad credit. This is what a bad credit mortgage loan is all about.

Yes, the interest rate can be lower once the bad credit is made to go away. The bad credit mortgage refinance certainly helps to do that. Another aspect of the bad credit mortgage loan is the fact that a FICO can be improved through the bad credit mortgage loan refinance. All of these items combine to assist one's finances and this is overall good for credit card debt that can be paid off if it is bad credit or is not bad credit.

A mortgage blog should include a considerable percentage of credit card debt and bad credit mortgage loan is at least part of that. If the mortgage blog does not talk about bad credit then that is to say that the person that is writing the mortgage blog does not care about the peropl that might have bad credit or at least, does not think to include any information for someone who has bad credit. If someone was drowning in life or drowning in debt, would you want to help them? I think the answer is obvious. if you save someone who is drowning in life then they will be a friend for life and that is what really matters. Any mortgage blogger that takes the time to help someone with bad credit is going to have invested a great deal of time that some loan officers do not care to do. Other loan officers that really care, and really care to help people with bad credit will then have clients for life that later have good credit and will remember that that loan officers helped them when no one else took the time, because of course, they had bad credit.

OK, this is a little bit of overkill about bad credit and maybe I threw in a mortgage blog in here too, but it's all in fun and if you have read this much then I may as well throw in a couple more bad credit mortgage blog and bad credit mortgage loans for good measure.

Farewell for now and happy FICO and credit scores to all!


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You have inrigued me with your bad credit and now I must ask, do you know where I can find a BAD CREDIT MORTGAGE BLOG ?

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