Monday, October 23, 2006

Seller Held Second mortgages are going nuts these days! Boy do I have alot to write about this type of owner financing, but I don't have alot of time today so I'll have to keep this seller held second phenomenon post short. Let me begin by bringing everyone - that is buyer's and seller's in a real estate transaction - up to speed. First and foremost, in my opinion, there is no faster way to sell real estate in a buyer's market than with a seller second. The seller must have sufficient equity in the subject property to be able to hold the second mortgage for the buyer. the seller is in effect, the mortgagee and the buyer is the mortgagor.

Second, the seller held second mortgage is booming and no more appropriate place to discuss this than on this real estate blog. the owner financing and interest rates that accompany this type of transaction are up to the buyer and the seller. It is quite possible (and probably recommended) to use a real estate broker, but a for sale by owner can accomplish this as well.

well, like I said, I have to get going here so I'll just have to let you know that the seller held financing is certainly the way to go in a buyer's market. Here's to a fast real estate closing for you and your buyer's.

Seller Financing

Owner Financed Property


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Look pal, I've been reading your dumb blog for quite some time now and I am convinced that you don't have any idea what-so-ever about what you are talking about. For instance, why didn't you tell us where we could go for Owner Held Second Mortgage?

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