Friday, October 27, 2006

Let's get this much straight right now. You can do a lease-purchase, lease-to-option or lease with seller carry back, but all in all there is nothing better than owner financing. Owner financing is the solution for a buyer that wants to purchase a home or condo in today's marketplace with a minimal of qualifying criteria. Yes, the owner financing option is th real estate solution for many in the real estate world that consists of a buyer's market.

Let's examine the difference between renting or leasing as opposed to a lease-option or a contract for deed. By the ned of such a real estate financing study, we would certainly conclude that the interest rate on a lease-option is somewhat different than the interest rate on a mortgage where the seller was carrying the financing on a second mortgage. How can one locate a property where the seller is willing to hold a second mortgage? This can be found at sellers helping buyers.

To conclude this real estate financing phenomenon, let's mention the lease-purchase one more time in conjunction with a seller financed second mortgage. This is owner financing deluxe. As a matter of fact, this is the difference between a housing loan financed with the seller's assistance or a real estate financing transaction with a seller second.

Sellers Helping Buyers


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