Saturday, September 30, 2006

OK, are we on abad credit mortgage roll now or what? The good news about a mortgage refinance for someone with bad credit is that the bad credit can be fixed through the refinance. This is accomplished through a rapid rescore and also through refinancing the bad credit debt to fix the bad credit. This is what a bad credit mortgage loan is all about.

Yes, the interest rate can be lower once the bad credit is made to go away. The bad credit mortgage refinance certainly helps to do that. Another aspect of the bad credit mortgage loan is the fact that a FICO can be improved through the bad credit mortgage loan refinance. All of these items combine to assist one's finances and this is overall good for credit card debt that can be paid off if it is bad credit or is not bad credit.

A mortgage blog should include a considerable percentage of credit card debt and bad credit mortgage loan is at least part of that. If the mortgage blog does not talk about bad credit then that is to say that the person that is writing the mortgage blog does not care about the peropl that might have bad credit or at least, does not think to include any information for someone who has bad credit. If someone was drowning in life or drowning in debt, would you want to help them? I think the answer is obvious. if you save someone who is drowning in life then they will be a friend for life and that is what really matters. Any mortgage blogger that takes the time to help someone with bad credit is going to have invested a great deal of time that some loan officers do not care to do. Other loan officers that really care, and really care to help people with bad credit will then have clients for life that later have good credit and will remember that that loan officers helped them when no one else took the time, because of course, they had bad credit.

OK, this is a little bit of overkill about bad credit and maybe I threw in a mortgage blog in here too, but it's all in fun and if you have read this much then I may as well throw in a couple more bad credit mortgage blog and bad credit mortgage loans for good measure.

Farewell for now and happy FICO and credit scores to all!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Crazy, crazy, crazy Real Estate deals! We've got real estate deals on wheels! We've got real estate deals for steals! I'm telling you that we have that these real estate deals are for real!

Comments like the above might sound like a circus performance, but that is what you can expect in today's not-so-robust real estate marketplace. Builders inventory is stacking up and there are over 4 million homes for sale. Real estate prices will soon be falling and this is going to be hardest felt for many people on their credit reports. Foreclosures, Bankruptcy and missed mortgage payments will become par for the course in the next couple of years.

Let's look at credit reports for a moment. How can one improve a credit report? That's a great question. If you think about how to imporve a credit report then it will just be trial an error. Another, and better, way of improving your credit report is by learning from others that have experience with credit reports. This can be done with a credit repair seminar or even through readining information about free credit repair on a mortgage blog. Where, you ask, is a mortgage blog that can teach you about free credit repair? I have found one that can help with charge-offs, bankruptcy, mortgage late payments, foreclosure, FICO, credit scoring, down payment, real estate, housing and mortgage advice. That is a rare thing in a real estate market like today.

I'll have to leave you in suspense for alittle while longer until this housing market cools down alittle bit so that the mortgage rates can help with down payment assistance. Here is the lowdown on the credit card debt that can be refinanced. And until the crdit score is higher than a FICO, Fair Isaac won't be going to Vantagescore any time soon.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Shall we now discover the free credit report dispute letter. thgis is much different than a form letter for a dispute of a credit report. No, it is certainly not a credit report form letter. It is in fact a credit report dispute letter commonly called a credit dispute letter. And the best part is that it is free. Let's discuss some of the credit report differences in reporting credit and collections.

There are many types of collections and credit reports and disputes for that matter. I will list a small sample of these credit report items below for collection assistance with bad credit items:

credit report dispute

credit report late payment

dispute credit report

Now this list of credit report sampling is by no means a credit report or reporting exception. It is a representation of the bankruptcy, credit report, foreclosure, late payment, credit card debt, and other charge-off type items on a credit report. This post is going to be a bankrupcty type credit report indicative trend.

To conclude, there are many places to obtain you free credit report but if you have been reading up on credit report and mortgage blogs then you will see that credit reports are starnge indeed. Let's leave you with this credit report information about reporting on the credit bureau type of data. Equifax, Experian and Trans Union are three of the credit reporting agencies that are credit report repositories. If you would like more information on how to obtain a free credit report then the reader is encouraged to obtain their free credit report below.

Free Credit Report

Monday, September 25, 2006

I am utterly flabbergasted that I just found this information on a mortgage blog. I mean a mortgage blog? Yes, a mortgage blog of all places. You see this is the financial credit card information that one would expect to find on a blog about mortgages. Allow me to explain.

There are fundamentally three types of blogs in the "blog-o-phere" of mortgages:

Mortgage Blog

Blog About Mortgages

Blog Mortgage

I will deal with each one individually. First, let's consider the case of a mortgage blog. The typical mortgage blog might deal with subjects similar to a debt consolidation loan, credit card debt, high interest rates, low ineterest rates, and the recission period. These items may or may not be mutually exclusive; however, they are indeed all financial in nature and that is what a mortgage blog should be all about.

Next, I'd like to take on the financially savy "Blog About Mortgages". This is alittle more of a hairy subject than the first. The "Blog About Mortgages" is unusual in that it is exclusively, a blog about mortgages. There are in fact, many types of mortgages and each one can vary based on the following: mortgage loan amount, interest rate, loan size, property type, appraiser, title insurance, escrow, and of course, mortgage loate payments. When combining all of these ingredients into a pot then the result is a stew that smells like a "Blog About Mortgages".

Finally, let's discuss a "Blog Mortgage". A "Blog Mortgage" is totally diffrenet than the "mortgage blog" in that a "mortgage blog" is a blog about mortgages. A "blog mortgage" on the other hand, is a blog about mortgages but the blog aspect of the "blog mortgage" comes first. Again, the untrained eye might not see any difference between a "blog mortgage" and a "mortgage blog" but that is to say that there is no difference between a mortgage and a blog. This in itself is absurd but I will continue with this just until the recission period ends. I am hopeful of course that some may find the humor in such a finanical credit card type transaction and then when considering real estate mortgage loans that the same would hold true.

To end this blog post is truely sad for me as I know how much fun it was typing this mortgage blog financial information. Once again, when considering a mortgage blog, consider it carefully. That is to say that one mortgage blog, blog on mortgages, or blog mortgage might sound similar, yet, as the reader I'm sure will agree, are quite different.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Let's get something straight right now. There is only one bad credit mortgage loan and that is far different from a good credit mortgage loan. Clearly, the difference is in the fact that a good credit mortgage loan is absent bad credit. that is not to say that bad credit is a problem. Far be it for me to suggest that bad credit is a problem. This may sound a little weird to hear that bad credit isn't an issue, but take for example the availability of free credit repair.

Free credit repair is available for some and not all. Why? The answer is simple. there are some that know of the place to go to obtain free credit repair and there are others that do not. For those that do not know of free credit repair, they are left to continue life with their bad credit, or of course they can pay for credit repair on their own. This seems to be the selection that is available today for those with bad credit.

there are of course other options for those with bad credit. those options include credit repair free and the following:

credit repair

free credit repair

bad credit mortgage

mortgage with bad credit


credit dispute letter

These above solutions are only a partial list of the options that are available for someone that is interested ina credit card consolidation loan with bad credit. This is not to be confused with a bad credit mortgage loan which can usually be accomplished for someone thas bad credit but does not have extreme bad credit. The most positive aspect of a bad credit mortgage loan is the fact that once the bad credit mortgage loan is closed, the bad credit is paid off and a higher FICO score results. This can of course be accomplished with a free credit repair seminar.

FICO score is a function of the bad credit as well as the good credit. This is tied to the fact that someone mayh or may not have credit card debt. If you have credit card debt then you can have bad credit and you may choose to consolidate that bad credit into a bad credit mortgage loan. Now this is going to inevitably result in a higher FICO score and this is the most intriguing conclusion to a free credit repair seminar. The free credit repair semianr may be contrasted to a credit repair class where someone would actually have to pay for credit repair.

Just to recap, there is bad credit, bad credit mortgage loan, free credit repair, credit repair free, and FICO. All of these subjects are not mutually exclusive as some homeowners and other owners of real estate might suggest. Rather, the free credit repair and bad credit mortgage loan are tied together in a financial transaction that results in a mortgage and subsequent higher FICO score. My hope of course is that this would lead to a good credit mortgage loan and then another mortgage down the road with a lower payment (PITI) which stands for principal, interest, taxes and insurance.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

At the request of the highly esteemed compatriots I am now under much compulsion to advise you of the free credit repair information taht just dawned on me. The free credit repair seminar was extraordinary in that a bad credit mortgage loan was undoubtedly not far behind. The most spectacular part was the fact that credit card debt had spiraled out of control and this led to free credit repair going gangbusters. Now, just to recap, the bad credit mortgage loan was a result of credit repair free and free credit repair is quite the same.

Take for example a free credit repair seminar. If one were to have credit cards or a bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession or even credit repair free then it would be astounding to realize that credit repair was free. Yes an inerest rate is high or low as a result of the free credit repair but more importantly, the free credit repair was free.

I wille stimate that thousands upon thousands of credit repair seminar participants will undoubtedly benefit from a credit repair seminar. Now that is in addition to the credit repair being free and this is regardless of whether or not someone has a bad credit mortgage loan. If in fact the bad credit mortgage loan was the result of a foreclosure then free credit repair is the solution.

Let's talk about a rapid rescore for a moment. Rapid rescoring is a prime example of free credit repair. A FICO score is higher and this of course is the result of free credit repair. When one attends a free credit repair seminar then one can accomplish higher FICO scoring and this enables a bad credit mortgage loan to result. Yes, interest rates are to be considered under credit remediation but more importnantly the free credit repair is the result of the credit repair being free.

What if someone was more interested in saving money witha bad credit mortgage loan than they were witha free credit repair seminar? Taht is quite a question in itself. A credit card problem could result if someone was in need of free credit repair or a free credit repair seminar.

I am sure by now you can understand that the point of all of this is to let you know that there is a place that can assist with free credit repair and the credit repair free but more importnat than a credit card problem is this fact. The free credit repair seminar is free. And that is what free credit repair is supposed to that is.