Thursday, November 02, 2006

Is this a housing fiasco or what? I mean hold your hat! This is a virtual housing fiasco and I haven't even begun to talk about credit repair yet. Credit repair is the juice that helps a FICO score. Get that FICO score on steroids and see what happens to your interest rate. How low can that interest rate go when it is on some credit restoration.

What's faster than a rapid rescore? I'm sure that a rapid rescore could surpass the records set by Superman. If Superman was a loan officer then he would be the Rapid Rescore Man. Oh, no, a FICO score is falling off the top of the Experian building! Rapid Rescore man saves the day! Get that FICO score back to safety with the help of Rapid Rescore Man!

Ok, enough credit reporting goofiness for the day and let's get back to bankruptcy, foreclosure, collections and charge-offs. Not to mention free credit repair and that is credit repair that costs nothing. The best credit repair is the free credit repair and you can find that wherever you find nice loan officers.


Blogger Housing Boom Gone Bust said...

Credit Repair saves the day again with the rapid rescore. Check back next week for the rapid rescore on the FICO.

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