Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sometimes credit repair is similar to credit restoration or repairing bad credit for that matter. The words are interchangeable in most economic circles but traveling from charge off and into bankruptcy is oh- extraordinaire. Please allow me to elablorate in a few short credit report-like sentences.

First there is the free credit report, then the FICO score (which is somewhat bad at times) and that is followed by none other than the credit repair work. This is time consuming, particularly if you have a credit report from Experian, but none-the-less it is worthwhile and you will know this for sure when you get a low mortgage rate.

Now, to recap this credit reporting madneww would be redundantly sophmoric. Suffice it to say that financial terms like credit report, credit repair, fixing bad credit and the like are kind of a turn on for me. Thank you for sharing your credit repair ear for a FICO minute.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Once upon a time there was a consumer in need of credit repair. Having no money he was in somehwat of a dilema. It takes money to do credit repair, he thought. Is there such a thing as free credit repair? Free credit repair? There can't be such a thing as free credit repair.

Then along came a bankruptcy and foreclosure wearing a credit restoration hat. The R2 was reporting by the credit bureau the same. Why don't you believe that repairing credit is free, said the credit restoration hat.

Free Credit Repair
Bankruptcy Repairing Credit
Fix Bad Credit

For more information about the seller held second mortgage transaction contemplated in this blog article, please check with owner financing or seller financed real estate.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We'll the housing market is moving along however slowly, very slowly. Many folks are refinancing their adjustable rate mortgages into lower mortgage payment loans. The real estate homes that are on the market are being taken off the market and many borrowers are repairing their credit reports and improving their credit scores and then refinancing to lower rates. It's either this or drop the price or have the seller hold a second mortgage.

Credit repair is beneficial because it helps to maintain the accuracy of a credit report and this improves the reliability of the credit reporting system as a whole. Many people have low credit scores but after credit repair their credit score (also called a FICO score) is higher. This helps to lower mortgage payments. So, just to be clear, the way to go is:

Credit Repair
Restoration from Bad Credit
Fix Credit Report
Mortgage With Bad Credit

For more information you can find that on the credit repair bad credit website. More repairing credit report articles comming soon. Check back for more credit report news.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The most fascinating credit repair nuance ever discovered. This one takes the cake. Let me tell you, I have been searching around the internet looking for credit repair information and so many websites on the subject but all of them want you to pay a fee of some sort. Well, as the Housing Boom Gone Bust readers know, the only type of sites that this writer likes are the ones that are free. And this is what I wanted to tell you. I found a free credit repair site.

It looks like they are having a free credit repair seminar today. I think I am going to check it out. Looks like it is 30 minutes and it is called Raise Your Credit Score. You know, if you have an opportunity to imporve your credit score for free, then I say why not? Free is free and that don't cost a thing.

Credit scores are funny things. They determine the amount of interest you will pay on your car, house, credit cards, etc. Your credit score can even decide whether or not you land that next job. And insurance prices are also driven by credit scores. These are all reasons why a free credit repair seminar is woth a 30 minute investment of time.

OK, I gotta go now becuase I am going to check out this free credit repair show at this website. If you want to meet me there then go to RAISE YOUR CREDIT SCORE.

See ya there!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Where did my credit card go? My does time go fast in this real estate showdown. The credit card balance went higher and then the FICO went lower. This is fundamental to the credit report equation.

Credit Repair Free

Credit Restoration

Fix Bad Credit

Let's continue to review credit statistics on a global level. The trend seems to be more recessionary in nature, however, credit card debt is spiraling past affordability levels. The result of a delinquentcy mentality is a banking bailout. If the bank bails out the borrower then the government bails out the bank. Why not do a bankruptcy buyout?

Mortgage loan interest rates will most liklely rise now that the Democratic party has gained control. This is to be interpreted as higher monthly mortgage payments and increased foreclosures. Let's get this mortgage payment lower as fast as we can. the best way to start is with a reduced FICO score through credit repair. The only thing better than credit repair is free credit repair.

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Should you apply for a mortgage before or after free credit repair? That is the question.

The correct way to apply for a mortgage is only after the credit repair is completed and the credit repair should be free, first and foremost. Yes, free credit repair is zero cost, but the benefits can be seen in a low monthly payment and lower interest rate.

There are fundamentally many different names for free credit repair such as:

credit repair free
free credit repair mortgage
mortgage after credit repair free

There are many more that culd be added to this list of credit report terminology. We will have to discuss that in a FICO post at a later date. Until then, keep your credit scores high and your revolving debt low.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Is this a housing fiasco or what? I mean hold your hat! This is a virtual housing fiasco and I haven't even begun to talk about credit repair yet. Credit repair is the juice that helps a FICO score. Get that FICO score on steroids and see what happens to your interest rate. How low can that interest rate go when it is on some credit restoration.

What's faster than a rapid rescore? I'm sure that a rapid rescore could surpass the records set by Superman. If Superman was a loan officer then he would be the Rapid Rescore Man. Oh, no, a FICO score is falling off the top of the Experian building! Rapid Rescore man saves the day! Get that FICO score back to safety with the help of Rapid Rescore Man!

Ok, enough credit reporting goofiness for the day and let's get back to bankruptcy, foreclosure, collections and charge-offs. Not to mention free credit repair and that is credit repair that costs nothing. The best credit repair is the free credit repair and you can find that wherever you find nice loan officers.