Saturday, November 11, 2006

The most fascinating credit repair nuance ever discovered. This one takes the cake. Let me tell you, I have been searching around the internet looking for credit repair information and so many websites on the subject but all of them want you to pay a fee of some sort. Well, as the Housing Boom Gone Bust readers know, the only type of sites that this writer likes are the ones that are free. And this is what I wanted to tell you. I found a free credit repair site.

It looks like they are having a free credit repair seminar today. I think I am going to check it out. Looks like it is 30 minutes and it is called Raise Your Credit Score. You know, if you have an opportunity to imporve your credit score for free, then I say why not? Free is free and that don't cost a thing.

Credit scores are funny things. They determine the amount of interest you will pay on your car, house, credit cards, etc. Your credit score can even decide whether or not you land that next job. And insurance prices are also driven by credit scores. These are all reasons why a free credit repair seminar is woth a 30 minute investment of time.

OK, I gotta go now becuase I am going to check out this free credit repair show at this website. If you want to meet me there then go to RAISE YOUR CREDIT SCORE.

See ya there!


Blogger Housing Boom Gone Bust said...

Hey, it looks like you can watch that free credit repair thing all day and night on Saturday. I also found out how to Fix Bad Credit Bankruptcy after a chapter 7 bankruptcy that is.

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