Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Where did my credit card go? My does time go fast in this real estate showdown. The credit card balance went higher and then the FICO went lower. This is fundamental to the credit report equation.

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Let's continue to review credit statistics on a global level. The trend seems to be more recessionary in nature, however, credit card debt is spiraling past affordability levels. The result of a delinquentcy mentality is a banking bailout. If the bank bails out the borrower then the government bails out the bank. Why not do a bankruptcy buyout?

Mortgage loan interest rates will most liklely rise now that the Democratic party has gained control. This is to be interpreted as higher monthly mortgage payments and increased foreclosures. Let's get this mortgage payment lower as fast as we can. the best way to start is with a reduced FICO score through credit repair. The only thing better than credit repair is free credit repair.

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