Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We'll the housing market is moving along however slowly, very slowly. Many folks are refinancing their adjustable rate mortgages into lower mortgage payment loans. The real estate homes that are on the market are being taken off the market and many borrowers are repairing their credit reports and improving their credit scores and then refinancing to lower rates. It's either this or drop the price or have the seller hold a second mortgage.

Credit repair is beneficial because it helps to maintain the accuracy of a credit report and this improves the reliability of the credit reporting system as a whole. Many people have low credit scores but after credit repair their credit score (also called a FICO score) is higher. This helps to lower mortgage payments. So, just to be clear, the way to go is:

Credit Repair
Restoration from Bad Credit
Fix Credit Report
Mortgage With Bad Credit

For more information you can find that on the credit repair bad credit website. More repairing credit report articles comming soon. Check back for more credit report news.


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I'm ebarrased to say that I actually read your credit repair dribble and now I think I have to throw up.

Free Credit Repair

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