Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sometimes credit repair is similar to credit restoration or repairing bad credit for that matter. The words are interchangeable in most economic circles but traveling from charge off and into bankruptcy is oh- extraordinaire. Please allow me to elablorate in a few short credit report-like sentences.

First there is the free credit report, then the FICO score (which is somewhat bad at times) and that is followed by none other than the credit repair work. This is time consuming, particularly if you have a credit report from Experian, but none-the-less it is worthwhile and you will know this for sure when you get a low mortgage rate.

Now, to recap this credit reporting madneww would be redundantly sophmoric. Suffice it to say that financial terms like credit report, credit repair, fixing bad credit and the like are kind of a turn on for me. Thank you for sharing your credit repair ear for a FICO minute.

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Blogger Housing Boom Gone Bust said...

That was a credit repair snore. I'll save your site in my favorites if I ever had insomnia and want to be put out like a light.

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